Sarah Downing

Sarah’s  experience in the fitness industry began with her own personal weight loss journey.  After spending most of her life focused on school and work, she realized that she was very unhealthy and needed to make a drastic change, fast!  That’s when she joined New Heights and she hasn’t looked back since.

Combining a fun and challenging workout routines with healthy eating and adding in active activities like mountain biking, she was able to transform herself.  Now, she is healthier and more fit than she has ever been in her life, even after having her first child.  She has completed mountain bike races, mud dashes and most recently, a 5 hour mountain bike relay race.

Spin classes were instrumental in helping her achieve the success that she has seen.  Now, she is focusing on helping others reach their goals as a spin instructor at New Heights by bringing her riding experience and fitness knowledge to each class.