Jodie Snoek

jodiJodie grew up on a 100 acre pig farm in a family of 7. She always loved being out and about on the farm; whether it be climbing trees, jumping on the trampoline or helping her dad  with all the different kinds of animals they had. Since a young age, Jodie has always been involved in various sports.  Growing up in a Dutch family, soccer became the sport of focus. Along with soccer, Jodie has also participated in gymnastics, competitive swimming, skating, dance, karate and competitive volleyball.

About four years ago, Jodie and her family moved to a farm outside of Hanover. She still has a strong passion for being active outdoors and loves hunting, fishing, horseback ridding and anything else that brings on adventure!

As a high school student, Jodie is still avidly involved sports such as soccer, volleyball, basketball and track & field. She loves biology and health sciences and is looking at future careers in the medical/science field; whether it will be with animals or humans, she is undecided.

Jodie has always been passionate about fitness and living a balanced lifestyle. She is looking forward to getting to know everyone at New Heights and is excited to continue her own fitness journey and for the oppportunites that lie ahead!