Anna has always been active. She started dance at the age of 3, and joined her studio’s competitive team at the age of 11; she continues to teach jazz, tap and step dancing.
When she left her hometown of Cornwall, Ontario to attend Brock University, Anna did what many freshmen do – eat, drink, party and gain weight. It wasn’t until her 3rd year of university that she became serious about her workouts. After she graduated from Brock, she decided to attend Humber College in Toronto, and then worked in the city for 4 years . Although she continued going to the gym on a regular basis, she wasn’t ready to forego the temptations of city life – she loved to try different restaurants and bars and always found something to do that inevitably involved food and drink.
Fast forward to 2011 – Anna up and moved to Hanover, Ontario, so she had to leave her job back in Toronto. She decided to take this opportunity to take her passion for fitness to the next level and pursue Personal Training. In addition to training, Anna teaches group fitness classes and is New Heights’ Nutrition Coach. Although she enjoys all aspects of fitness (ok, perhaps she isn’t exactly fond of cardio), she is happiest in the weight room strength training. She competed in her first and only fitness competition in 2014; competing again is always in the back of her mind, so she may do more in the future.
Outside of the gym and the dance studio, her interests include spending quality time with the special people in her life, music and concerts, reading, and of course, caring for her beloved animals.

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Anna Schell