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Face2Face Success ProgramThe first few weeks of any new health and fitness program can be both the most challenging and rewarding. Because of this we have included in every gym membership the Face2Face success program. To ensure you get the most from your time in the gym, we promise to help you in three ways:

1. Expert Advice

Your Face2Face trainers will teach you the latest techniques in health, fitness, exercise and healthy eating. You’ll also receive your own set of informative resources to help you understand both how and why to keep in shape for life.

2. Regular Support

You’ll see your trainers ‘face to face’ each week as they take you through our step by step approach to making health and fitness an enjoyable way of life.

This gives you every opportunity to ask any questions you may have and allows our team the time to provide you vital information that can make all the difference to your success.

3. Results

Because your Face2Face program is based on the latest techniques, you can get results faster than ever before. Most of our participants get excellent results in as little as thirty days including:

  • Improved Aerobic Fitness
  • Weight loss and body fat reduction
  • Trimmer waistline and hips
  • Improved muscle tone and shape
  • Increased muscular strength
  • Greater mobility and flexibility

Click to read what our members have already accomplished with the Face2Face Program:

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